November 2021 Wells GOP Committee Meeting

Dear Fellow Republicans,

I am often asked: “What can I do to help?” Here is your chance to find out all the ways you can make a difference in whether candidates opposed to the direction our state and country are going will win or lose! And in 2022 it is absolutely crucial that such candidates win and win big if we are going to have a chance to re-establish our right to self-governance, both in our state and our nation, as guaranteed by the Constitutions of both.

To sit on the sidelines in 2022 is to forfeit the game, and I fear there will be no more rematches if even one playing field is ceded to the party in power. Donald Trump and Paul LePage showed us the way life should be. Joe Biden and Janet Mills have shown us the way life could be for generations to come. The choice is ours. For as Paul LePage once said, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me”and YOU!

Someone recently said to me: “I wish I could do something more.” I replied: “We don’t need some people doing something more, we need more people doing something.” Come to the meeting on Thursday and I am pretty sure that after listening to Mike Quatrano, who during his long career in politics has had over a decade of experience in grassroots organizing, you will find just the right something that you can do that fits your time, talents and personality.

All Republicans are invited to attend. To quote Benjamin Franklin “We must all hang together, or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

Nancy Ford
Chair, Wells GOP Town Committee

November 2021 Wells GOP Committee Meeting Poster

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