Summer 2018 Fundraiser Breakdown

Fellow York County Republicans,

As proud members of the York County Republicans we have a cause, with a cause comes passion…

These goals we can only achieve together.  Please consider assisting with the fund raisers we have planned in the very short time between now and September 29th.

  • Annual Acton Fair Aug 23-26th. We have a permanent booth at the Acton Fair and need the 2 hour time slots filled. We would like at least 2 people at all times at the location for safety.
  • The first (1st) Summer Bash will be August 11th, 2018 at the Wells Pavilion. YCRC will provide burgers, hot dogs, chips and drinks as well as entertainment. We need volunteers to donate your best dish, potato salad, pasta salad, brownies, and cookies. Whatever you think will top off the meal. We will also need 4-6 people to set up / clean up.
  • Our next FIRST ( 1st) will be the Amos Tuck (The FIRST Republican evah) Golf Tournament at Province Lake Golf Club in Parsonsfield, Me. September 15th. We will be looking for 20-25 volunteers to make sure everyone knows where to go and what to do. We also need sponsors at all levels.
  • Our final event, Howie Carr’s “The Deplorable Show” September 29th at Duffy’s in OOB. We need to spread the word and sell tickets.

Please visit: for more information on how you one can with assist volunteering, selling sponsorships and/or making contacts for candidates to participate to make sure these events are highly successful.

Support the “Cause and Our Passion” York County Republicans Committee have invested in to support our York County Candidates and to:

“Turn York County Red”