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Dan L. Ammons
District 2 – Eliot, part of Kittery
Tel. 207-703-4346
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Johnny Leifheit
District 4 – Ogunquit and parts of Wells, York and Sanford
Tel. 207-752-0234
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Beth A. O’Connor
District 5 – Berwick and part of North Berwick
Tel. 207-289-9047
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Burnell Bailey
District 6 – Parts of North Berwick and South Berwick
Tel. 603-682-5332
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Timothy M. Roche
District 7 – Most of Wells
Tel. 207-337-5665
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Todd DiFede
District 8 – Most of Kennebunk
Tel. 207-604-0149
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H. Stedman Seavey
District 9 – Kennebunkport and part of Biddeford
Tel. 207-967-5991
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Wayne R. Parry
District 10 – Arundel, Dayton and part of Lyman
Tel. 207-286-9145
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Timothy Keenan
District 12 – Part of Biddeford
Tel. 207-423-6480
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Sharri K. MacDonald
District 13- Old Orchard Beach
Tel. 207-590-4201
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Theodore L. Sirois
District 14 – Part of Saco
Tel. 207-590-0123
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Marc Chappell
District 15 – Part of Saco
Tel. 207-408-4366
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Nathan M. Carlow
District 16 – Hollis and parts of Buxton and Saco
Tel. 207-420-7424
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Dwayne W. Prescott
District 17 – Waterboro and part of Lyman
Tel. 207-710-1614
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Pamela D. Buck
District 18 – Downtown Sanford and a small section in Springvale
Tel. 207-631-5090
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Matthew A. Harrington
District 19 – Springvale and part of Sanford
Tel. 207-831-6746
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Theodore J. Kryzak Jr.
District 20 – Acton, Lebanon and part of Shapleigh
Tel. 207-752-2775
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Heidi Sampson
District 21 – Alfred, Newfield and parts of Limerick, Shapleigh and Parsonsfield
Tel. 207-590-1909
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Mark Blier
District 22 – Limington and parts of Buxton, Limerick and Standish
Tel. 207-712-5705
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Richard M. Cebra
District 68 – Baldwin, Cornish, Naples, Sebago and part of Parsonsfield
Tel. 207-693-6782
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“There are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”

James Madison