York County GOP Booth at the Acton Fair
Dear Fellow Republicans,

York County GOP Chair Jim BoothI wanted to wish all Republicans in York County a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

2017 is coming very soon and although we just went through a very exhausting campaign this year.  We need all Republicans in some why to get involved for the upcoming election.

2017 can set us up to be very successful for the huge 2018 election cycle.  We must keep a Republican in the Blaine House and replace Angus King in the US Senate, along with the State Senate and House, and many county seats. Get involved and make a difference!

At this time I also would like to thank everyone who came out to our county meeting Wednesday night, December 14th. I am humbled that Republicans in York County voted me in as Chairman. As in the past, I will work hard to get Republicans elected and to push the liberal agenda of the Progressives back so we can make the county RED!

Thank You & God Bless everyone.


Jim Booth
YCRC chairman