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So, you’re sick of the bickering in Washington and tired of politics in general.  Well, you should be. But … have you considered the alternatives to this fighting?

Option One: Surrender

Surrender to the Democrat/Progressive agenda of increasing dependency on government, erosion of personal freedoms, higher taxes and more spending, intrusive control of every aspect of our lives from womb to death panels, general social degradation, and the accumulation of an ever increasing national debt that will leave our children and grandchildren not much better than indentured servants to our bond holders and vassals of  the state.

Option Two: Compromise

Sounds good, but the only compromise Democrats want is for Republicans to accept their agenda. Goal posts keep moving and antes keep getting raised. The only movement that does take place is down the same path, but at a slightly slower pace. Enough is only enough until the next crisis – which, as we all know, they never let go to waste.

Option Three: Engage

Disgruntled, disgusted, depressed, demoralized? Maybe. Defeated, we say  NO! We lost a really big battle in November, but we will only lose the war if we stop fighting. Nothing will change unless we all get back in the game. We all know that Republican principles and values are the solution, but we will continue to go down the road  the Democrats are paving with borrowed money unless you and other freedom-loving Americans are willing to put aside recriminations and remonstrances and stand with “We the People” of the York County Republican Committee to fight for these principles.

The choice Ronald Reagan enunciated many years ago remains the same today:

Official Portrait of President Reagan 1981“Ultimately, the choice before the American people is the choice between two visions: on the one hand, the policies of limited government, economic growth, a strong defense, and a firm foreign policy; and on the other hand, policies of tax and spend, economic stagnation, international weakness and accommodation, and always, always, from them, ‘Blame America first.’ It’s the choice between the policies of liberalism or the policies of America’s political mainstream.”

The choice is still ours to make, but time is running out. Please choose to get involved!